Chanderi Collection


Saree is the most beautiful attire that provides traditional look and simplicity to any woman. The rich Indian culture is adorned with a wide range of saree fabrics and design. But amongst them Chanderi sarees are the ones that have proved to deliver a royal and classic look.

The traditional saree of Madhya Pradesh, chanderi is woven on fabrics like silk, chanderi cotton or silk cotton. These sarees have a history of their own.These sarees are generally said to be invented by Lord Krishna’s cousin Shishupal, but going by actual history, these sarees are found to be woven between the 2nd and 7th century. These are ethnic sarees that gives an elegant look and at the same time adds a gorgeous touch. It is suitable to be worn in day functions, parties, weddings and even academic seminars.

So if you are a saree lover then chanderi saree is a must that you need to keep in your closet. Vidhi Singhania’s Chanderi collection offers a good collection of chanderis for every occasion.

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