Here's to universal love of oneself and of others. Pink, the hue for friendship, affection, harmony and inner peace. In a world that is going through difficulty, here's to wishing for everything nice.

We need to allay all doubts and fears. Have faith in goodness, in kindness, in compassion. That will foster peace and calm. Like this beautiful blue.

Gold, meaning 'all that is'. The sanctity of purity, of wholesomeness, of eternal healing. Gold, as it is called "the master healer". What perhaps we need now.

Whoever dismissed black earlier should remember how black symbolises strength, seriousness, power and authority. Elegant and prestigious, it is a colour that demands attention. This is the time its power and authority must be invoked.

Green... A symbol of new life. Of freshness. Of something new. When all this is over, we shall welcome a new direction of love, of compassion, of beauty. It will outshine the days of strife. Just like an emerald that gleams and spreads its lights all over.

Let's rummage through beautiful memories, brush our lives with nostalgia and spread happy sentiments. Let mauve mellow the mood as humankind battles a common vice collectively... Celebrating happy, memorable colours with Vidhi Singhania. A little initiative now to dispel the gloom.